Welcome to our site celebrating the 100th anniversary of distinguished Canadian Alexander Brott, Composer, Conductor and Violinist.

Our website will be updated with new content and media throughout the year and beyond. We encourage you to visit often and provide us with your comments and photos via our blog. We are working on providing a French version of our site which will launch during the Anniversary year.

100th Anniversary

March 14, 1915 ~ April 01, 2005

Excerpt from A Son’s Perspective . . .

“My father’s life was dedicated to creativity. He translated his earliest childhood experiences into detailed drawings, and set Wordsworth and Tennyson’s poetry to music. This fascination with giving life to ideas extended to the end of his life. He wrote poetry ­and designed and created fantastic pieces of jewelry, using semi precious stones. At age 90, when he became ill, he reminded me that he still had to complete two violin concertos that the McGill Chamber Orchestra had commissioned from him.”

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