Alexander Brott Compositions

1Accent, L’yes1971For narrator and string orchestra or string orchestra0:15:00
2Analogy in Anagramyes1955*3*3*3*3,4441 (or euphonium), timp, 1 perc. strings, harp0:11:00
3Arabesqueyes1957Solo cello 11111110 1 perc, harp also for solo cello and piano0:12:00
4Aurora borealis (Laurentian Idyll)1973*1111 2000 timp, strings0:11:00
5Aurora Borealis (Laurentian Idyll for Symphonic Band)1973*3*3*524331,4 cornets, 1 euphonium, string bass0:11:00
6B-22 An orchestral fantasy (Celebration 2000)1969*2*2224231 timp, 3 perc, strings0:12:30Premiere in Quebec city
7Badinage1968For choir and piano0:04:30
8Berceuse (see also Lullaby and Procession of the Toys)1947For piano or piano and voice0:04:00
9Canada, a Case History (part of Sept for Seven)1945For high voice and string orchestra0:04:30
10Canadian trilogy (see Canada, a Case History)1945SSMM, piano, 1 male reciter (for Boris and the Whales)7:12:30
11Canadiana1955For choir8:12:30
12Centennial Cerebration1967For narrator, SSA chorus, and string orchestra.0:22:00
13Centennial Colloquyyes1965*22*3,lbasset horn,*3 4000 1 perc0:23:00
14Characteristic Dance (see also Invocation and Dance)1939String orchestra0:11:00
15Chassidic Dance1939For harp and violin0:05:00
16Circle, Triangle, 4 Squaresyes1963For string orchestra0:11:00
17Concertino for Violin and Orchestrayes1950Violin solo, string orchestra0:21:00
18Concordiayes1946*3*3*3*3 4231 timp, 1 perc, strings0:27:00
19Corriveau, (La)1967*3*3*3*34231 timp, 3 perc, piano, strings0:27:00
20Critic’s Corneryes1950For string quartet and percussion0:15:00
21Cupid’s Quandryyes1975For solo violin, string orchestra, and percussion0:22:00
22Curioso furioso1965For string orchestra0:06:30
23David’s Genie (Hymn to Her)1978Sketches for Hymn II Her0:15:00
24Delightful Delusions1950*3*3*3*34431 timp, 2 perc, harp,strings0:06:00
25Double Entente for a Double Marriage1976For string quartet0:05:30
26E dai p milo1976For string orchestra0:16:00
27Elie, elie lama sabach tani1964For contralto, SSAA chorus, and piano or organ0:04:30
28Emperor’s New Clothes, The1970For narrator or singers and orchestra: 1111/2110/timpani, percussion, strings0:20:00
29Espoiranto, (L’)1966For SSAA or SATB chorus and keyboard0:04:00
30Evocative Provocations197522222210 1 perc strings (or gamba,sax, basset horn, guitar, luth, flute de pan)0:15:45
31Fancy and Folly1946*3*3*3*34331 timp, 2 perc, strings0:07:30
32Fanfare1965*32224221 timp, 2 perc0:03:00
33Fantasy in B flat1939String orchestra0:06:20
34Five Miniatures for Eight Players19500011-1000-2vl-1 vla-1cello0:08:30
35For Talia’s 13th Birthday1993Solo voice and organ or strings0:02:30
36From Sea to Sea1947*3*3*3*34431 timp, 2 perc, strings0:34:15
37From the Hazel Bough1959For medium voice and string orchestra0:02:00
38Fun-Ethic-s1968For SA chorus and piano0:07:00
39H.B. Sauce1975*22223211 tirnp, 1 perc, piano and celeste, strings0:07:00Boris’ 10th year as conductor in Hamilton
40How Thunder and Lightning Came to Be1973*22222210 timp, 1 perc, soprano, bass, speaker,chorus of children also for piano,bass, perc, chorus of children0:20:00
41Hymn II Her1978Solo flute, solo bassoon, or solo cello and solo bass and strings0:15:00
42Indian Legends1972For soprano and bass, both playing percussion0:05:00
43Invocation and Dance for Solo Violin and Orchestrayes1939*2*222 2220 1 perc, harp, strings also for violin and piano0:10:54
44Israel1952For SATB chorus0:06:30
45Kaleidoscopic Imagery1994For piano, 4 hands0:09:00
46Lament1940For string orchestra or string quartet0:05:00
47Lullaby and Procession of Ladies1949For strings, guitar, harmonica0:04:30
48Lullaby and Procession of Toys1939For string orchestra or string quartet0:08:00
49Lysistrata1975Sketches for a play Greek play
50Martlett’s muse1962*3*3*3*3 4331 timp, 1 perc, strings0:08:00
51Millennium Prelude « Computer Sage »1999*100*1 strings0:05:00
52Millennium Sinfonietta in 3 movements1999Timp, 4 perc, piano, strings0:10:00
53Mini-Minus for Chamber Orchestra1968For violin, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, bassoon, double bass, and percussion0:16:00
54Mutual Salvation Orgy for brass quintet1962For 2 trumpets, horn, trombone, and tuba0:12:00
55My Mother, My Memorial1978*2222 4221 timp, 2 perc, harp, strings0:08:00
56Nursery Suite1940For 2 recorders, violin, viola, cello0:09:00
57Oracle Symphonic Poemyes1938*32224331 timpani, percussion, piano, strings0:08:30
58Ouverture (Sombre Vigil)1999String orchestra0:06:00
59Papageno Revisitedyes19892222 2200 timp, strings0:11:00
60Paraphrase in Polyphony (Centennial Paraphrase)yes1967Solo piano *3*3*3*34331 timp, 2 perc, strings0:23:00
61Prelude to Oblivion Atomic Style19511111 0320 timp, percussion, harp, piano, strings0:04:15
62Prisms1984For flute and guitar0:07:30
63Pristine Prisms in Polychrome1966For solo violin0:10:00
64Profundum Praedictumyes1964For double bass and string orchestra also for solo viola0:22:00
65Prophet (The), Cantata for soprano and tenor1960Soprano, tenor solo 11111000 1perc, harp, strings, also piano reduction0:14:00
66Psalmody for Denis1973For unaccompanied violoncello0:07:00
67Quintet for Recorder and Strings1940Recorder (alternatively sopranino, soprano, alto, tenor and bass recorder) and strings0:13:00Written for Mario Duchesne
68Rakocki March (Hungarian March) (Berlioz/Brott)1955For strings (no contra-bass)0:04:30Concert under the stars
69Rhapsody for Cello1958Cello and piano0:12:00
70Ritualyes1942For string quartet and string orchestra0:09:00
71Royal Tribute to Queen Elizabeth II1953*3*3*3*34431 2 perc, harp, strings0:12:00
72Satie’s Faction (see also Trivial Persuit or E dai p milo String orchestra)1965String orchestra0:06:00
73Saxi-foni-saties1972For 4 saxophones0:16:00
74Sept for Sevenyes1954For narrator, clarinet, saxophone, violin, viola, violoncello, and piano0:14:25
75Shofaryes1976For solo cello0:06:30
76Songs (Lullaby, Park Bench, Legacy)1949For voice and piano0:12:30
77Songs of Contemplationyes1945For high voice and string orchestra0:13:00
78Songs of the Central Eskimo1972For voice and piano0:10:15
79Songs of the Totem Pole1972For voice and piano0:05:00
80Spasm for Sixyes1971For six percussionists0:10:00
81Spheres in Orbityes1960*3*3*3*34431 timp, 1perc, celeste0:17:15View Program Note
82Strangers Yet (part of Songs of Contemplation)1945For unspecified voice and piano0:03:30
83String Quartet1940String quartet0:30:00
84Suite for piano no. 11941For piano0:14:00
85Symphony in Two Movements “Veritas”1936*32*3*34331 timp, 3 perc, strings0:16:00This piece won an award at Juilliard
86Tempo di Marcia1948String quartet0:03:30
87The Martelet’s Muse1962*3*3*3*3 4331 timp, 1 percussion instrument, strings0:08:00
88Three Acts for Four Sinners1961For 4 saxophones0:10:00
89Three Astral Visionsyes1959For string orchestra0:29:00
90Three on a Spree1963For flute, oboe and harp, or 2 violins and piano or flute, violin, and harpsichord, or violin, oboe and piano0:12:00
91Time’s Trials Triumph1977For solo voices, unaccompanied SATB chorus (S divisi), and strings0:15:00
92Tout de suite1971For solo cello0:08:30Written for Gregor Piatigorsky. Dennis’ cello teacher
93Trivial Trifles (Trivial Pursuit)1965Satie’s Faction Version for 2 oboes and 2 bassoons0:06:00
94True Blue, Blew Thruyes1996String orchestra0:14:29
95Vignettes en caricature19725 pianists0:05:45
96Vision of the Dry Bones1960For baritone, string orchestra, and piano obbligato or harp0:12:00
97War and Peace1944*3*3*4(includes Eb clar)*3 44,4 cornets,31 timp, 3 perc, harp, piano, strings0:22:00
98World Sophisticate1962For soprano, 2 trumpets, horn, trombone, tuba, and percussion0:07:00
99Young Prometheus, (The)yes19692222 2220 timp, strings0:50:00
1Bacbianas Brasileiras (Villa-Lobos / Brott)19800000 1211 cordes0:11:00For the Canadiian Brass
2Bachianas for Boris197622222110 timp, strings0:10:00Written in Fort Lauterdale
3Concerto for 4 Violins (Vivaldi/Brott)19940000 1211 4 violins, 2 violas, cello and organ0:12:30arranged for the Canadian Brass
4Work for two cellos in the style of Handel op.2 no.8 in g min19962 cellos, strings, cembalo0:12:00
5Für Elise (Beethoven/Brott)1982For string quartet0:02:30Comic arrangement for the Orford Qpartet, Theme for radio program Amsterdam, Netherlands.
6Gaspard de la nuit (Ravel/Brott)19713*3*3*34331 timp,2 perc, celeste and piano, harp, strings0:21:00
7Genesis (Corelli)1984String orchestra0:03:00Performed in Everett Point
8Kinderscenen (Schumann/Brott)197222222210 timp, 1perc, strings, harp0:15:00
9O Canada/God Save the Queen19542322 4220 timp, strings0:03:00
10O McDonald1954String quartet Children’s concert0:04:00
11Partita in E Major no.6 (Bach / Schumann / Brott)1985Pour violon solo, cordes et continuo0:26:00For the Bach anniversary, CBC commission
12Peter Wuff (Prokofiev/Brott)1978For strings Educationnal concert0:06:00
13Scherzo-Caprice no. 18 (Rode/Brott)1936*1120 0000 00 strings0:03:10
14Seven Minuets and Six Canons (Beethoven/Brott)yes1970*1202 2000 strings0:19:30
15Seven Sonatas (Scarlatti/Brott)1985For strings or piano0:24:00
16Sonata in G Minor (Bach/Schumann/Brott)1985For solo violin, strings, harpsichord0:18:00
17Suite for Two Cellos and Piano (Menotti/Brott)1981Two cello and string orchestra0:23:00Arranged with composer’s approval
18Tchaikovsky Songs (arrangement pour cordes)1981For soprano and strings0:17:00
19Three Intermezzi (Brahms/Brott)1972For strings0:11:00
20Three Preludes and Fugues (Beethoven/Brott)1970String orchestra0:25:00
21Toccata (Frescobaldi/Cassado/Brott)1974Solo cello, 22222000, strings0:06:15
22Trauer Musik (Beethoven/Brott)1970For 4 trombones and strings with men’s choir0:12:00
23Various Pre-Revolutionary French Music (Edited by AB)1962String orchestra 9 suites0:11:00

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